The campaign Switch Off E-cigarettes is directed at creating awareness that electronic cigarettes are actually filled with harmful substances and do contain nicotine. Thus, due to their nicotine content they can very easily become addictive, just like tobacco cigarettes. Furthermore, these types of cigarettes are not being regulated by government and so the amount of nicotine they contain is unknown. According to the Huffington Post (2013) “some liquids have been reported to contain formaldehyde and other toxic or carcinogenic substances,” emphasising the danger of these trending sticks.

With e-cigarettes being the latest craze to hit Hollywood, celebrities are fashioning these products as cool, and a ‘healthier’ alternative to tobacco cigarettes but at the end of the day they are still harmful.

Therefore, Switch Off E-cigarettes is working hard to stop non-smokers and teens from picking up this trend, it’s not cool it’s harmful.

Switch Off E-cigarettes, it’s time to stop the trend. 

Please know that our page does not target existing smokers, if the device has helped you quit smoking that’s great news. We are simply putting foward that we don’t won’t to see minors and non-smokers become attached to these devices. We will be publishing info that we believe highlights reasons for this demographic not to go there.


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  1. Why are you withholding commentary you disagree with?

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