E-cigs copy the old school tobacco playbook

We’ve slightly delved on this topic, but we thought we’d go for another dive to see what else e-cig companies are copying from the Big Tobacco playbook.

1. Celebrities used to endorse the product


E-Blu: Stephen Dorff and Jenny McCarthy
Camels: John Wayne
Lucky Strike: Frank Gifford

2. Sports sponsorship Advertisement 


3. Ads featuring glamorous women and rugged men



4. Sex sells 


5. Music Festivals 


6. Cartoon Adverts


7. Flavored 




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3 responses to “E-cigs copy the old school tobacco playbook

  1. Matt

    Oddly enough, these are the very same methods that are used to advertise just about everything else on the planet. Why? Because they work. There’s nothing in a eCig that’s any more harmful than a cup of coffee. When you’re done trying to demonize them and ready to look at facts, check out CASAA.org.

  2. Except for E-lites all the other companies are owned by tobac co”s so their not doing any different to what the”ve always done.Like Matt said look at facts before you slag off e-cig co”s.They are not all the same.

  3. Great post, i wonder how much companies spend on these cigarette adds? It seems though todays ads are not supporting the purchase, they are highlighting the impact of smoking.

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