E-cigs used to smoke marijuana

It seems creative smokers have thought of a means to smoke marijuana without detection – and that is through the use of e-cigs. Because cannabis in liquid or wax form does not emit the strong odor that marijuana smoked in plant-form does, e-cigarette gadgets have been found as the latest tool to do so.

Vaporisers have been used by cannabis users for a good while now, but now people are also using e-cigs for the same purpose. With vaporisers and e-cigs it becomes impossible to know exactly what someone in public is inhaling.

This new method of smoking marijuana has authorities worried by the prospect of minors catching on to the trend and moving from nicotine to marijuana.

As made evident by the many YouTube videos teaching smokers how to use an e-cig for marijuana use, it seems people are finding ways to use legal products like e-cigs for illegal practices.

E-cigs used to smoke marijuana

E-cigs used to smoke marijuana



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5 responses to “E-cigs used to smoke marijuana

  1. The devices used to vaporize Marijuana and byproducts are NOT the same as sold to E-cigarette users.

    See Grenco Science, the creator of the G-Pen:

    People will twist the technology and use however they want, but Please do not lump E-cigarette users in with those that want to get high.

  2. RobbieW

    THC is not soluble in water or propylene glycol, so e-cigs can not be used to inhale THC.

    There have been small vapourisers available that actually heat up the drug in herb form for some time but there are very different from e-cigs

  3. Matt

    Apples, potatoes, carrots, plastic bottles, sticks and a million other things have often been used to smoke marijuana. Should we make all those things illegal too?
    Your efforts here are pretty pathetic. Every tactic you’ve tried on this site has been done to death and disproved time and time again, yet you continue to try. This shows nothing more than your failure to properly research the issues against which you’re arguing. You’re no more respectable than the cigarette companies, considering all the lies you’re trying to spread to demonize something that’s never once been proven to be harmful. Stop lying now.

  4. Matt

    Oh yea… This one’s precious…
    “With vaporisers and e-cigs it becomes impossible to know exactly what someone in public is inhaling.”
    How is this different than someone putting vodka in a water bottle? No one’s trying to demonize water bottles or vodka, yet eCigs are the devil because someone may have used them for something that you find morally questionable.
    Lies and misinformation are the trademarks of Big Tobacco. Is this the campaign you want to run?

  5. I had a teacher in school that used to smoke E-cigs during class. Now this blog post created questions in my head which I never used to have… like ‘ why was he always so damn moody?’


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