The Good, the bad and the ugly

The Good:

 Yesterday the European Parliament established a minimum purchase age of 18 on e-cigarettes, along with “tight restrictions on advertising and sponsorship” (which we will address in our next blog) similar to those for conventional cigarettes (Forbes, 2013). With such limits imposed on advertisement and age restrictions, we will certainly see the dismissal of ads targeted towards the younger demographic – an avenue, and market that we have seen many e-cig companies target in the past months.

The Bad:

The European Parliament, however, rejected proposals that e-cigs be tightly regulated as medical devices, in which they would face the same regulatory standards as medicines. Sparing manufacturers what The New York Times (2013) calls “an onerous and potentially costly certification process.”

The Ugly:

The FDA still hasn’t regulated e-cigarettes in the US, and despite administering a self imposed deadline to regulate or impose some kind of law on the devices by the end of October – This may be delayed due to the partial government shutdown in the US, which has left FDA offices emptied (The New York Times, 2013).


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