What is Switch Off E-cigarettes?

The campaign Switch Off E-cigarettes is directed at creating awareness that electronic cigarettes are actually filled with harmful substances and do contain nicotine. Thus, due to their nicotine content they can very easily become addictive, just like tobacco cigarettes. Furthermore, these types of cigarettes are not being regulated by government and so the amount of nicotine they contain is unknown. According to the Huffington Post (2013) “some liquids have been reported to contain formaldehyde and other toxic or carcinogenic substances,” emphasising the danger of these trending sticks.

With e-cigarettes being the latest craze to hit Hollywood, celebrities are fashioning these products as cool, and a ‘healthier’ alternative to tobacco cigarettes but at the end of the day they are still harmful.

Therefore, Switch Off E-cigarettes is working hard to stop non-smokers and teens from picking up this trend, it’s not cool it’s harmful.

Switch Off E-cigarettes, it’s time to stop the trend.



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11 responses to “What is Switch Off E-cigarettes?

  1. There’s a segment on The Project tonight at 6.30pm about E-cigarettes, and their risks. Definitely worth checking out!

  2. good article. Hope it’s read by those who think it’s ‘cool’ to smoke these things.

  3. Andre

    e-cigarette in Canada do not contain nicotine

  4. JUST in case anyone cares to educate themselves on these, rather than accepting rhetoric as gospel.. browse through these studies that have been done on e-cigarettes and come to your own conclusion.


  5. I have smoked cigarettes for 37 years and the e-cig is the one thing that allowed me to quit. I have not had a cigarette in 3 months. Before you put an end to E-cigs lets have a reasonable adult discussion with all the facts before ending something that could be a plus for many.

  6. samoensmark

    Brilliant, you have started a campaign that sets out to address a problem that does not exist, and create problems for those whose lives are being saved. You are neithe use nor ornament

  7. darkjedi

    All of this misinformation is absurd I’ve been smoke free for months now and never felt healthier my doctor suggested switching to these to quit smoking, I do agree that age restrictions should be applied and the ingredients should be disclosed before purchase but that’s it this is a safer alternative to something that kills 100% of its users for its intended purpose.

  8. T. Ross

    Reasonable and rational thinking people, who are smokers or used to be smokers of tobacco based cigarettes, are the very last people to every want to see a young person start using tobacco products, nor would they promote the use of an e-cigarette to be cool. Stop demonizing something because of the look-alike behavior, and spreading dis-information to support your cause. Look at the broader aspects of the number of lives that could be saved if smokers of tobacco switched to a water-based vapour (with or without nicotine). Remember that the majority of smoking cessation products approved and in the marketplace are nicotine based products and you are not condemning those, are you?

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